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There's something I should tell you.
Charles Whitefish Jr. (Adrian Falconer) nervously embraces his mistress Ashley (Lesley Tumber).
It's been a wonderful three months
Charles Jr's wife, Fiona (Kathryn Morgan), embraces her lover, John (Randall Connoly), who also happens to be Charles Jr's brother.
Darling, shall we talk in the bedroom?
Charles Jr (Adrian Falconer) talks to his wife (Kathryn Morgan) while his lover (LesLey Tumber) watches from the window.
Well, here we are!
Fiona (Kathryn Morgan) and John (Randall Connoly)
Oh, come to bed, Charles
Fiona (Kathryn Morgan) attempts to seduce Charles Jr. (Adrian Falconer) while Ashley (Lesley Tumber) watches in jealousy.
Oh God, this isn't another intervention, is it?
Charles Whitefish Sr. (Brian Ablett) and Mary Whitefish (Jane Hunter), the patriarch and matriarch of the family, make an unexpected visit.
I'll drink to that!
Mary Whitefish (Jane Hunter) toasts another meaningless toast.
Remember back in school...
Charles Jr. (Adrian Falconer) attempts to find comfort from his father (Brian Ablett).
With your WIFE!
Ashley (Lesley Tumber) expresses her unhappiness with the situation to Charles Jr. (Adrian Falconer).
Another drink!
Mary (Jane Hunter) finds the whole situation highly amusing.
Why do you think I drink?
Mary (Jane Hunter) and Charles Sr. (Brian Ablett) reflect on their long years together.
I hereby sign over all my company to my son.
Charles Sr. (Brian Ablett) signs over the diamond company to Charles Jr. (Adrian Falconer) under Mary's (Jane Hunter) supervision. Meanwhile, Ashley (Lesley Tumber) and Fiona (Kathryn Morgan) try to contain their glee.
The weddings are on then!
Charles Jr. (Adrian Falconer) and Ashley (Lesley Tumber), and John (Randall Connoly)
and Fiona (Kathryn Morgan) become unofficially engaged with Mary's (Jane Hunter) blessing.

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