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History doesn't repeat itself, Alan.  It just sometimes rhymes.
President Lincoln (Chris Irving) and Pinkerton (James Lukie) discuss
their trip to New York to see the Booths perform "Julius Caesar".
I'm here to ask you to be of service to your country.
Pinkerton (James Lukie) offers a proposition
to Victoria Jones (Victoria Curran).
he'd ...parade himself in front of the plantation workers.
Sleeper Clarke (Clive Lacey) mocks John Wilkes while Asia, JW's
sister and Sleeper's wife, (Naomi Vondell) listens in exasperation.
And therefore think him as a serpent's egg...
Edwin Booth (Peter Nelson) rehearses while Pinkerton
(James Lukie) looks on.
I was tempted, I must admit...
John Wilkes Booth (Todd McGinnis) describes his first
meeting with President Lincoln to Edwin (Peter Nelson).
And then you're going to cast me, right?
Meg Buchanan (Melissa Brown) seduces
Junius Booth (Stephen Flett).
I remember...
Victoria (Victoria Curran) inadvertently reminds Tommy
(Roger Sealy) of an unpleasant moment in his past
So deceiving.
Victoria (Victoria Curran) and John Wilkes (Todd McGinnis)
share a moment of nostalgia.
Speak hands for me!
As Caesar (Gord Elkin) dies onstage, Victoria
(Victoria Curran) takes her own life.
Oh, Tommy, I've done such a stupid thing.
Tommy (Roger Sealy) holds Victoria (Victoria Curran)
as she dies.
Look, I draw sword against conspirators
John Wilkes (Todd McGinnis) attacks Edwin (Peter Nelson),
but is held back by Sleeper (Clive Lacey) and a shield bearer
(Peter Amos). Junius (Stephen Flett) looks on, shocked.
All that other stuff, it's only important because we matter.
Tommy (Roger Sealy) prevents Pinkerton (James Lukie)
from framing John wilkes.
...since I cannot prove a Lover/I am determined to prove a Villian...
John Wilkes (Todd McGinnis) struggles with his temptation to kill
Lincoln as the president (Chris Irving) visits with Edwin (Peter Nelson)
in the dressing room under Pinkerton's (James Lukie) watchful eye.
You are the other half of me.
Asia (Naomi Vondell) shares a tender moment with her
brother, John Wilkes (Todd McGinnis).

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