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All photos courtesy of Thanks to Miles for doing our photography for us.

Jane Austen and her nieces
Jane Austen (Maureen McKinnon) and her nieces (from top, Heather Kincaide, Cloe Flint,
Hailee Morrow and Kathryn Nikkanen) watch the unfolding of the story of Emma.
High Class supper
While the Nieces (Kathryn Nikkanen and Heather Kincaide) look on, Jane Fairfax (Emma Culpeper), Mr Knightley (Ted Powers), Harriet Smith (Ashley MacKay), Mr Woodhouse (Jeff Burke), Miss Bates (Paula Wilkie), Emma (Amanda Skinner) and Mrs Weston (Jorie Morrow) dine at a table (Chloe Flint and Hailee Morrow).
The post office is a marvelous thing
Jane Fairfax (Emma culpeper) responds to the smothering concerns of Mr Woodhouse (Jeff Burke), Miss Bates (Paula Wilkie) and Mr Knightley (Ted Powers).
Voi Che Sapete
Emma (Amanda Skinner) entertains on a pianoforte (Heather Kincaide and Kathryn Nikkanen).
So very kind and obliging!
Miss Bates (Paula Wilkie) relates the kindesses of Mr Woodhouse to Mrs Weston (Jorie Morrow), Harriet Smith (Ashley MacKay) and Emma (Amanda Skinner).
Doesn't she play marvelously?
Miss Bates (Paula Wilkie) sings the praises of her niece Jane Fairfax's (Emma Culpeper) piano playing.
Mr Churchill!
Emma (Amanda Skinner) is shocked (yet pleased) by a snide comment made by Frank Churchill (Patrick Brown).
He's dead.
Emma (Amanda Skinner) dances in girlish excitement after speaking with Frank.
Buy a posey, only a penny.
A gypsy (Jorie Morrow) sells flowers in the countryside.
Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill... are engaged to be married!
Jane Fairfax (Emma culpeper) and Frank Churchill (Patrick Brown) finally announce their marriage after a series of misunderstandings.
Mr Knightley!
Emma (Amanda Skinner) reacts to Harriet Smith's (Ashley MacKay) confession to being in love with Mr. Knightley.

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